: 6_8thwbO-bCATgUVPF3UQEi3J3w Lord of the Rings Tour - Glenorchy, New Zealand - Wandering and Searching Island Girl

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Gabriela Fernandez

Cool shots! It was like in the movies minus the effects. :)


That's definitely an area I want to see. Beautiful!

Glacial-fed water is so pretty.


It truly is incredible here. I knew it would be beautiful, but my expectations were blown away!


Thank you so much for your comment Gabriela. I apologize for the slow reply. Been so, so busy!

Ashley - Be Wonderfully You

This confirms it! I need to go there :) I have had so many friends go and every time I see pictures my heart breaks a little for not making plans yet.
It is always great to learn something new. Oregano is purple? :P
Thanks for the pics and writing!


I didn't know LOTR was done in new zealand - what a gorgeous place!

Eliz Frank

What a beautiful place to tour and such great photos. The only one missing is of you in your outfit. ;-)

Bibiana Bailey

Gorgeous, just gorgeous! I can't wait to visit New Zealand. Hopefully sooner then later :)

Jennifer Brown

Oh how wonderful, love your pictures, it looks great.

Fizzy Party

Gorgeous! The scenery is breathtaking.

Marielle Altenor

Pictures came out really nice! I didn't know that oregano was purple either!! I saw all 3 movies and loved them all!

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