: 6_8thwbO-bCATgUVPF3UQEi3J3w My Alaska Cruise Ports of Call - Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan - Wandering and Searching Island Girl

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Your photos are nice. I love all the color and it looks like the weather was great!

I agree with you on the ports of call, especially the areas close to the ship. We chose excursions that took us away from the port area and just used the port area to stretch our legs or for some quick shopping after our excursion. I want to spend more time in Denali.


Thanks for understanding. I really didn't want to sound too negative!

Suzanne Fluhr

I agree that if you're visiting Alaska by cruise ship, you have to get away from the ports. In Juneau I went on a hike next to the Mendenhall Glacier. It's the capital of Alaska. My father found a great museum there that wasn't part of any cruise tours. At Skagway, we took the train to Whitehorse (?), Canada and went kayaking on a pristine lake. Our 7 day cruise was on Celebrity which started in Seward, Alaska and ended in Vancouver. We tacked on a few days in Anchorage and the cruise line used a panoramic train to get us to Seward---spectacular scenery. We also had a port stop in Sitka, the old Russian capital of Alaska. We did that cruise with a family group of 10, ranging in age from 13 to 90. I had some "herding cats" moments, but it was fun.


Wow! This is great, Michelle! Love the photo of snowy mountains. Never been to Alaska. But, it's on my list...

Donna Janke

The only place I've been in Alaska is Skagway. That was years ago on a road trip from Whitehorse. The drive and scenery was beautiful. I enjoyed the short visit in Skagway but agree the place feels like it's been put up for tourists.


I appreciate your perspective. I think that's why when we make the trek to Alaska, we are aiming for a small cruise ship which can sail into some of the smaller and lessor visited ports-of-call. At least I think they can from what I've read. Ice in the eye?! Ouch, glad that wasn't a serious issue. Your photos are pretty, love the colors!


Love the clarity and colours of your photos.


I think that is probably why I never took a cruise to Alaska because of the tourism and fake commercialism to certain pockets. But I would love to visit any of the destinations in a trek or discovery.

A Cook Not Mad (Nat)

Sorry to hear you didn't have a great time. At least you got nice pictures out of it :)

Irene S. Levine

I haven't cruised to Alaska but both your post and the comments suggest that the best idea is to get to natural settings away from the ports.


Handy information to know. If I ever take a cruise to Alaska I'll be sure to tack on some time to go deep into the northern wilderness. I wouldn't be too thrilled with just seeing scenery - beautiful as it is!


Alaska is a place I really want to visit.

Anita @ No Particular Place To Go

Your photos are beautiful and I have to agree with you that avoiding large ports-of-call and organized tours as well as other places over-run with tourists makes the visit so much more fun. I love the sense of discovery when you find a new place on your own (even if you're following the guide-book recommendation!)

Linda ~ Journey Jottings

From your wonderful photos, it looks like you virtually had a birds eye view from the ship, so I'm not sure I'd have even wanted to get off even if I could.... other than go dog sledging of course - That really was an adventures :)


Hi Michelle: If you'd have taken a 14-day cruise on a smaller ship, I guarantee you would have come away with a different impression. We'd done a 14-day cruise with World Explorer Cruises on a small steamship and it was fantastic! We were able to have enough time to get off into the wilderness on a number of occasions, and those were extremely memorable for me. The smaller ships are also able to get into the fjords and up closer to the calving glaciers, so you really feel like you're in on the action!

alison @GreenWithRenvy

Like any cruise port, I think you are right, you have to get off the beaten path when visiting or you'll be smack in the middle of what they thing the lowest common denominator is. The country certainly looked pretty amazing, and you took some terrific photos. An injury can put a damper on things as well, so you made the best of the situation.

Lisa Richardson

The beauty of sharing on a blog is that you can insert opinion. I like knowing what to avoid when I cruise to Alaska.

Melodie K.

Such cheerful paint colors on the buildings in Ketchikan! Imagine it helps a person feel cozy even when the temperatures aren't. Nice vibe captured with your pix ~ even I'd like to visit (and I prefer the warm!)

Cathy Sweeney

I haven't been on a cruise and have mostly felt that if I took one it would be to Alaska. Interesting to get your perspectives. Getting a chance to see the glaciers would be pretty awesome and I'd opt for a dogsled ride, too -- with lots of eye protection!


I just returned from a Holland America cruise to Canada and New England and loved exploring the ports. I wonder if excursions could be researched in advance at these ports that would have been less commercialized? I will remember your comments if I ever go to Alaska! It looks like you at least had lovely weather with lots of blue skies to capture great images!

Neva @ Retire for the Fun of it

Your comments about the cruise is identical to what I've heard from others - too touristy and over commercialized.

It's interesting that you compared the town to Park City, Utah in some ways. The streets do look similar, although I saw some parking places and P.C. is devoid of empty parking spots. :)

If you ever come back to Park City, let me know and we'll make sure you get there and Sundance!


I LOVE Park City and really want to go back so I will let you know. Thanks!!! I will let you know.


I sure hope that ice-in-the-eye incident did not spoil your trip! Alaska looks amazing, thanks for sharing your photos! :)

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