: 6_8thwbO-bCATgUVPF3UQEi3J3w My Favorite Part of My Alaska Cruise: The Tracy Arm Passage - Wandering and Searching Island Girl

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No, it's not Antartica but it sure is pretty! We spent 8 hours scenic cruising near Hubbard Glacier. We saw lots of birds and seals! It was just after breeding time and it is sometimes blocked due to the seals breeding.

Miranda Sherman

Absolutely breath taking pictures! These look like they belong in a calendar! Spectacular, I want to go on one of these cruises SO bad, just so beautiful!


I've got to say that Alaska looks beautiful, I really like the color of the blue ice.


Oh wow! That is gorgeous!

Jeanna McMicking

Those pictures are nuts! WOW. Seriously amazing. Thanks so so much for sharing. you are so very lucky to have seen that in person.


Vow those pictures are gorgeous. Alaska is beautiful and hopefully someday I will be able to visit.

Anda @ Travel Notes & Beyondq

Beautiful photos! It's been so long since I wanted to go to Alaska and I still didn't get there. Good post, thanks for the info.

Linda ~ Journey Jottings

I'm pleased you showed us the image of Antarctica so we could see what you meant by your comparison to the two regions - This fjord like landscape certainly is different to the ice-scape of Antarctica - But gosh - stunning in its own way :)

The GypsyNesters

Wow - your photos are beautiful! The combination of the ice and the clouds and the mountains and the reflections in the water are just stunning. Drooling to see Alaska!

Irene S. Levine

Stunning pictures! What time of year was your visit?


Thank you! I was there the first week in June this year so I just got home a couple of weeks ago.


My chiropractor just left on an Alaskan cruise- he was so excited. This looks and sounds like great fun.


Beautiful photos! You really captured the moment and that blue ice is spectacular! A small cruise ship trip inside the Alaska strait is on our "someday" list! I know it must be an incredible experience.

Nancy D. Brown

Hi Michelle,
I have not yet traveled to Antarctica, but I do love Alaska. If you enjoyed Tracy Arm and didn't enjoy the commercialization of the shore excursions in the port towns, you sound like an ideal candidate for an Uncruise experience.

I'm headed to Juneau at the end of August for an Uncrise on the Safari Endeavour - an 86 passenger boat.

Michele Peterson

The pea soup is a nice and unexpected touch on a cruise...something I'd love for sure. That's one beautiful blue iceberg!


I've never been to Alaska and it looks like cruising is the best way to enjoy things from a water perspective, gorgeous

Anita @ No Particular Place To Go

There's nothing like a bowl of hot pea soup (one of my favorite "comfort foods") to warm you up on a cold day. Your pictures are amazing and the trip through the Tracy Arm Fjord must have been truly awesome.

Neva @ Retire for the Fun of it

I'm glad that the ice looks so blue and clean. When my son was a manager for Carnival Cruise lines, he wasn't impressed at all with the ice. When I asked him, his comment was that it looked dirty. It cracked me up that the water in your photos look green and the server was passing out pea soup. Now we know what he did with the leftovers (not).


Haha Neva that is hysterical! I wonder if they used the water from the sea to make the soup?!

Carole Terwilliger Meyers

I haven't been to the Tracy Arm Passage but I've seen the Mendenhall Glacier and much more and it is definitely a most spectacular place.

Suzanne Stavert

Wow, your photos are breathtaking. I like how you comment upon the actual blue color of the iceberg. It's the real deal! You have piqued my curiosity about your comparison between Alaska and Antarctica. I get pretty seasick, drugs usually help, can I still go to Antarctica/Alaska on a ship?


Yes you can go to Antarctica on a ship - BIG or small. I have a VERY strong stomach and I thought I had the flu - but it was sea sickness. I have photos of waves splashing on the windows of my 6th floor cabin window. The medicine helped a little, but you couldn't even leave anything on your bureau - it would fall. Walking down the hallways was VERY interesting. The Drake Passage is the roughest water in the world. That said, I'm thinking of going again :)


Great photos, looks like you had a good time.

Suzanne Fluhr

Like everybody else, I have to agree that your photos are spectacular. When we did a cruise to Alaska, our glacier stop was at the Hubbard Glacier which was also fronted by an ice strewn bay. We didn't get too close to the glacier because it was "calving". As much as I'd like to do a cruise to Antarctica, I might skip it because I don't think I'd be able to enjoy it in very rough seas. I'd be in the fetal position in my cabin the entire time.

Betsy Wuebker

Cruising the Inside Passage is so popular! When we return to Alaska, we want to go this route; everyone just raves about it! Quite a change from Hawaii, ya? Aloha!

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