: 6_8thwbO-bCATgUVPF3UQEi3J3w Desperately Seeking Sunsets in Santorini - Wandering and Searching Island Girl

Play Trivia and Feed Hungry Cats and Dogs :)!

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Hazy sunsets are also beautiful! I'm sure those dogs just wanted to play. Hee Hee.


Hey, no one could say I didn't give it my "best shot" after running into them hehe ;)

Irene S. Levine

Sometimes insiders know the best places for views...just saying:-)

Suzanne Fluhr

Based on your Florida sunset photo, I can see why you have a very high bar for sunsets. We stumbled into a beautiful one on the Greek island of Mykonos a few years back. I love sunsets just about anywhere---including in Philly (maybe just a cut above Detroit).


Some places exceed our expectations, and others, it's hard to live up to the hype. Looks like a beautiful village on the hill (top photo).

Jessica DiGiannurio

omg that florida sunset!!!!! makes me wanna go away, great post! :) xo, jess @ dreamingofleaving.com

Cathy Sweeney

Sunsets are wonderful in their diversity -- often gorgeous, almost always worth taking the time to get a photo. Haven't been to Santorini, but will continue your search for beautiful sunsets there when I get a chance.

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