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My Mini Faux European Tour in Las Vegas!

Christmas in Sin City AKA Las Vegas

Xmass1 (1 of 1)-38Above is a decoration of a horse in the Bellagio lobby

Last week I went to Las Vegas for the fourth time in my life.  I had not visited there in more than 10 years and I never thought I would go back there again.   Since I was not planning on gambling or drinking, a person might wonder why I would choose to go there.  The fact is I had a timeshare that needed to be used or I would lose it.  I sometimes think that vacations are more fun when you're not expecting them to be or much from them.  That was definitely the case with this trip. I'm loved looking at the new hotels such as the Bellagio and the Venetian while they are so nicely decorated for Christmas.  I love taking photos and there were so many pretty sites especially at night with all of the bright lights!  I will be doing two posts on this trip since I took close to 1000 photos in just a few days. I am busy editing and deciding which ones to post.  This post will focus on the Bellagio Hotel and the amazing Paris hotel.  My next post will focus on the the incredible Caesar's Palace and the Venetian Hotel which was definitely my favorite!  As a matter of fact, I booked a four day trip to return there in the next year!

I wasn't rocking the  6 or 7 inch heels I saw so many women wearing, but I did try to fit in with the short skirt ;)

Xmass1 (1 of 1)-3The Bellagio at dusk

  Xmass1 (1 of 1)-6

I never got sick of watching the fountains at the Bellagio that played along to match the music every half hour!  

Xmass1 (1 of 1)-4

The following two photos are of the fantastic ceiling of the Bellagio lobby.  The first photo is a close up that shows it is a huge cluster of colorful flowers,  The second photo shows the entire work of art.
Xmass1 (1 of 1)-17

Xmass1 (1 of 1)-12
Love the gorgeous Christmas tree you see when you walk into their lobby garden

Xmass1 (1 of 1)-18

And the polar bears were way too cute!
Xmass1 (1 of 1)-20
And the flying reindeer :)

Xmass1 (1 of 1)-14

Complete with Sant's sleigh!  

Xmass1 (1 of 1)-16

  Photo of the hotel Paris from the Bellagio at sunset

  Xmass1 (1 of 1)-27

The hotel Paris at night 

Xmass1 (1 of 1)-22

  Xmass1 (1 of 1)-35

Too bad Las Vegas doesn't have more color at night ;)

Xmass1 (1 of 1)-9

 Thanks so much for stopping by and happy holidays to all!!!