My New Zealand Photo Adventure With Trey Ratcliff
My Epic New Zealand Photo Adventure with Trey Ratcliff - Part 2

Visiting the Lone Tree of Wanaka in New Zealand

I will discuss my beyond fabulous photo workshop with Trey Ratcliff in Zealand in my next post.  For now, I thought that I would share some photos of the "Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka" and me wearing a dress at the beach.  As you will see, this seems to be an ongoing issue for me ;)

  During my recent trip to New Zealand, I spent several days at Lake Wanaka.  It's a very picturesque area and quaint small town which has a very well known tree known as the "Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka".  I visited it two times the first time was at sunset. Being a huge animal lover, I like the one with the ducks better:


 On my way to dinner wearing a dress, I decided to stop by the tree one more time because it's so beautiful and seems a little lonely despite probably being one of the most photographed trees in the world.  

At first I saw a cute little girl standing right next to the tree:


Then I saw her cute little dog who wanted to play fetch :)

Dayafter-140Of course I couldn't disappoint the poor puppy dog:



Last year in northern Maui, Hawaii my friend Kathy and I were meeting some friends in town for dinner and ended up at Paia Beach.  It was a little stormy and cool, but the waves were huge so we wanted to stop and take photos.  Click on the thumb nails if you want to see an enlarged photo of me not dressed appropriately for the beach at another time.

Memaui         Memaui2          Maui         Mauik

 Thanks so much for stopping by.  Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.  Have a wonderful week my friends!