"Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go." Truman Capote
"You may have the universe if I may have Italy." Giuseppe Verdi

"No matter where I've been overseas, the food stinks, except in Italy" ~ Carmen Electra

 I have to agree with Carmen Electra.  I would almost say that it's worth visiting Italy just to sample the food :)!

I decided to break my posts on Florence into a few separate postings.  It seems everyone likes to hear about and see photos of food so I decided to write an entire post on it.  People joke that Italians would be a lot larger than they are if they had places like McDonald's and Burger King in their country which they don't.  As you can see they have plenty of other irresistable temptations! 

  Florence was everything I hoped it would be!  Every day when I walked outside my mouth just fell open with the beauty I saw everywhere.  It's not a very large city - there are a lot of tourists, but it's very clean and it felt very safe.  Everyone was friendly overall. 

I am not a breakfast eater but every morning I got up at six and couldn't wait for the breakfast room to open at seven. I really loved my hotel!  The hotel I stayed at, the hotel Berchielli, is pictured at the very end of this post. The location could not of been better and the service was excellent.  I would definitely stay there again. 

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I didn't even give them my name and they brought me my personalized cappuccino on my first day at the Hotel Berchielli.  They always had some cute little design on my coffee.

Fl (1 of 1)-57 Fl (1 of 1)-12It seems like there are gelato shops on almost every street corner.  Fortunately, I waited until my last day to try this amazing dessert.  If I had not waited until the last day, I probably would've stopped by one of these shops everyday.

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Fl (1 of 1)-16I Can NOT believe I didn't give into the flourless cake which is ONE of my many huge weaknesses.
Fl (1 of 1)-16Something for every taste bud:

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Fl (1 of 1)-15No lack of carbs AT ALL

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Fl1 (3 of 206)They do have lots of healthy food too - if you can resist all of the temptations :)
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