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Visiting the Magical Village of Oia on Santorini

 Pano (1 of 1)-190The Above photo is Oia around sunset

I mispronounced Oia the first few days I was there.  It was not until the last couple of days of my visit that I learned the correct way to say it.  Oia is pronounced E-ah not Oy-a as I pronounced it my first few days there.

I think everyone pictures this beautiful picturesque part of Santorini when they think of Greece.  It truly did take my breath away.  The views are absolutely incredible.   The colors are stunning and the architecture is very unique.

 I would like to visit again someday under different circumstances if you read my previous posts you know that it was difficult to enjoy this island paradise as much as I could or should have.  Everywhere I looked I wanted to take a photo.  This post will mainly be photos not only because I took so many, but because I obviously think that a picture says a 1000 words. 

One thing that is important for people who are considering visiting Oia or Santorini to know is the dates that most of the hotels and restaurants are open.  I was surprised to learn that most hotels and restaurants close around November 1st and do not reopen until around March 1st.  There are still a few places to stay and eat, but just not as much to do.  Hotel prices in Oia range from about $200 - more than $10,000 a night depending on the time of year.

I was fortunate enough to receive two editor's choice awards from Pixabay.  Here are the links to the photos:


This is where I had breakfast every morning:

Pano (1 of 1)-130pink flowers everywhere

Pano (1 of 1)-380July  is a very busy time ofthe in Oia.  I was very lucky to come across an empty street in the afternoon:

Pano (1 of 1)-380This is typically how the streets look in the afternoon:

Pano (1 of 1)-380

Pano (1 of 1)-380Donkeys can be seen walking around town several times a day causing quite a spectacle:

Pano (1 of 1)-20

   Pano (1 of 1)-191Here is a beautiful church I found and went into.  I followed a VERY young boy in who bowed once inside.  I followed suit.

Pano (1 of 1)-380

Pano (1 of 1)-380

Pano (1 of 1)-374Here is one of the blue domes that everyone sees in paintings and or envisions when they think of Santorini:

Pano (1 of 1)-221My favorite place to eat dinner with an awesome view:

Pano (1 of 1)-218Being a vegetarian, I eat a lot of greek salads at home.  They tasted much better here.  Perhaps it was the homegrown olives.  I'm sure the amazing view helped too!
Pano (1 of 1)-218
Pano (1 of 1)-218Me at my favorite restaurant:

Pano (1 of 1)-268

Pano (1 of 1)-167 Pano (1 of 1)-268

Pano (1 of 1)-218
Pano (1 of 1)-218
Pano (1 of 1)-218My travel charm bracelet with the blue floral bead I bought in Santorini and a few more random photos:

Pano (1 of 1)-263
Pano (1 of 1)-263
Pano (1 of 1)-263
Pano (1 of 1)-263
Pano (1 of 1)-263
I really would like to visit Santorini again when I can enjoy it more than I did this time.  Have you ever been to Santorini?  If so did you enjoy it?  Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful week my friends!