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Malta, Gozo, the Azure Window, and a Fish Pedicure

 Malta1Above is the Azure Window in Gozo - MUCH bigger than I imagined it would be!

Let me start this post by saying that in the future I am going to make an effort to write shorter and more frequent posts.  This is another post that I am writing from memory of my trip to Malta last summer.  I spent seven days on this beautiful Mediterranean island.  I visited a small nearby island named Gozo.   I also got a fish pedicure for the first time. I really enjoyed my time there.              

One of the things that inspired me to visit Malta was the architecture.  It has a very old European look to it.  The beaches are rocky, but beautiful and known for great snorkeling.  The island is known to  be very safe and the people are very friendly.  It is not a terribly expensive place to visit in comparison to some of the places I have visited in Europe, but I had just spent a week in Paris before my visit to Malta so that might have affected my perception!               

The nightlife in Malta looked to be very good!  It definitely is a place I would've enjoyed visiting when I was younger.  On my last day there I had to get up at 5 AM.  I walked across the street to get a cup of coffee and people were still out dancing and partying at the bars and restaurants.

Below is a photo of St. Julian's Bay on Malta:

Malta1Popay Village was stunning and I would love to see it again!

Malta5The roof top pool at the Intercontinental hotel where I stayed:
Malta5The following are photos of Valetta which I found especially beautiful!



Malta33 Malta003

Malta5Malta is part of anarchipelago that consists of three islands which are Malta, Gozo, and Comino.  The three islands have a total population of over 400,000 people. Malta is the largest island. 
Gozo is the second largest island and is more rural and is known for and subsists on fishing, tourism, crafts and agriculture.

Here are some typical beach scenes on Malta:


 My first "fish pedicure".  It doesn't hurt.  It just tickles and is not harmful to the fish.  You must wash your feet first. Maltafish1
Maltafish1The following are photos of my trip to Gozo.  It's only about an hoMaltafish1ur long ferry ride to get there:
Malta012Here I am with a girl named Nicole from Switzerland.  She was traveling alone as well.  We seemed to have a lot in common being really independent people.
Malta012Maltafish1Thank you so much for stopping by!  Have you ever visited Malta?  Please leave me any comments or questions.  Take care my friends!