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Naples Botanical Gardens

 I'm excited to be returning to the botanical gardens in Naples, Florida this coming weekend.  I was just there a few weeks ago with my family.  We enjoyed it so much that we decided to buy a year membership.  

On certain days of the week the Naples Botanical Gardens offer yoga classes and other days where people can bring their dogs.  They often have concerts and they currently have some beautiful sculptures throughout the six unique gardens at this attraction.   The gardens are all beautifully maintained.   Admission is only $14.95 for an adult.  If you decide to become a member they will apply your admission fee toward your membership fee. 

I highly recommend this attraction if you are in the southern Florida or Naples area.  It is a very peaceful and relaxing environment with a lot of beautiful things to see.  The six different Gardens offer different types of flowers and trees for all tastes.  I really enjoy taking photos while there.

Here is their web site for more information:   Naples Botanical Gardens

Botanical 1-03611The above and below photo show a very large yoga class in progress on a Sunday morning.
Botanical 1-03611An endangered Monarch butterfly on a purple flower:
Botanical 1-03611
Botanical 1-03611
I loved this sculpture of a horse that looks like it's galloping through the garden:
Botanical 1-03611There were many beautiful archways like this one:
Botanical 1-03611Here is a building in the oriental garden:
Botanical 1-03611There were so many gorgeous orchids throughout the gardens.  I enjoyed seeing them as I have always loved them, but never had any luck keeping one in my home.

Botanical 1-03611 10991590_10205236208818849_7337493501544665557_o

Botanical 1-03611

Pictured above is one of the lily pad and lotus ponds in the oriental garden that I loved.

There were many benches and hammocks for people to relax and enjoy the beauty:
Botanical 1-03611I am really working on my close up photos which will hopefully improve after this next trip :)
Botanical 1-03611
Botanical 1-03611Thank you so much for stopping by.  Please leave any comments or questions you might have.  I wish you all a wonderful weekend!