Visiting the Lovely Sonora Desert Museum in Tuscon Arizona
Welcome to the Green Mountain State!

Can You Guess Where I'm Going This Week?


Can you guess where I'm going this week?  I will be packing for some cooler temperatures than where I live in Southwest Florida.  I will be visiting family and friends and taking photos of course!  I've posted five photos as hints which I doubt will leave many of you guessing!

Church-street-418552_1280Here is my alma mater where I had way too much fun!
Church-street-418552_1280This mural is seen in the downtown area of the state's biggest city which isn't that big! 
Church-street-418552_1280I think this photo will be a definite giveaway!
Church-street-418552_1280I'm looking forward to some cooler weather!
Church-street-418552_1280Thanks so much for visiting.  I'd love to here your guesses below!  If you guessed have you visited this state in New England?