Visiting the Amazing New Marlin's Park in Miami, Florida
Can You Guess Where I'm Going This Week?

Visiting the Lovely Sonora Desert Museum in Tuscon Arizona


I visited Tucson Arizona in the fall of 2013 so this is another post I am writing from memory.  I wasn't really that excited about seeing the desert, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the two-story high cactus, the colorful sunsets were gorgeous, and I loved the beautiful colors of some of the flowers all over the Tuscon area. 

There is also a lot to do in Tucson area.  My favorite attraction was this Sonora Desert Museum which is number one of 274 things to do on TripAdvisor in the Tuscon area.  I recommend spending several hours there as there is so much to see especially if you like to take photos as much as I do there are prairie dogs, a hummingbird exhibit, as well as several beautiful gardens. 

The Sonora Desert Museum is definitely a place I would love visiting again someday.  We were there for a week and actually considered going back for a second day!  I definitely learned that the desert is just as beautiful as any tropical islands I've visited.  The admission fee for adults is $19.50 a person which I thought was very reasonable.  Here is a link to their web site for more information:  Sonora Desert Museum

96996444Here is a cute little otter that took me forever to get a decent photo of.  They swim so fast and gracefully.
96996444The prairie dogs look so cute and cuddly.  Too bad their claws and teeth are so sharp!
96996444This mountain goat was quite a long ways away from me, but was staring right at me so I tried to get a satisfactory photo of him/her.
96996444I tried for a long time to get a good shot of a hummingbird, but I was new to using my DSLR so it's not anywhere near perfect, but they were beautiful!


Living in Florida, I don't get to see many rock formations or mountains so images like the one below were a treat.



There generally isn't a lot of water in the streams, but the area had recently gotten a lot of rainfall so that made the area especially colorful and interesting.
The cactus gardens were so much more colorful than I expected!

I will leave you with one of the lovely sunsets I saw


Thank you so much for reading.  As always I love hearing your feedback and comments.  Take care my friends and I hope have a wonderful week.