Can You Guess Where I'm Going This Week?
The Burlington Vermont Waterfront From Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center

Welcome to the Green Mountain State!


 I took this photo at Smuggler's Notch ski resort about five years ago.  I know many of you are still enjoying summer and the last thing you want to see is snow at this point.  This post will compare photos at the same area in Vermont during the summer and the winter.  All photos on this blog were taken by you's truly.


Or maybe I should say the "white mountains" since depending on the season their color changes.  I lived in the "Green Mountain State", also known as Vermont until I graduated from college.  I've lived in four states and have now lived in the Tampa Bay area of Florida for the past seven years.  Both Vermont and Florida have their own albeit very different natural beauty.  Vermont has four seasons and the gorgeous mountainous landscape while Florida has palm trees, flowers all year and the beaches.
86566386People used to ask me which state I lived in until Ben and Jerry's became famous - seriously!  This photo was taken on Church Street in Burlington Vermont.  This store is not far from their original "shop" that they started in a garage about thirty years ago.
86566386Here are a few more photos taken on Church Street in Burlington at various times of the year.  There are many designer boutiques and fine places to eat on Church Street.  The "Church Street Christmas Tree", however, is well known and people visit Church Street just to see this tree.
86566386I was pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful decorations when I visited in February.  It was below zero when I took these photos.  I was sitting inside the the Church Street Tavern trying to stay warm.  I would run out for sixty seconds or less over and over again trying to capture the scene.
86566386Here are a couple of photos of my Alma Mater the University of Vermont.
86566386The University of Vermont is known for it's beautiful campus as well as it's academic standing.
86566386The following is a lovely colonial style home that is very representative of the architecture you will see around the state of Vermont.  I was able to capture it in the sunlight and during some very cloudy weather before a storm.  I personally love taking photos with dramatic looking clouds.  I get many chances to take photos of some pretty sensational cloudscapes in Florida.
86566386The photo above and below were taken at the "Mark Reeves Memorial Park" in Jericho.  The park was created in memory of a young boy who passed away.

Vermont-630243_1280Vermont is known for it's covered bridges.  This particular bridge can be seen in Underhill, Vermont at the Mills Riverside Park.
Vermont-630243_1280I do wish more of the bridge was visible the summer photos, but I suppose the green and red look good together.
Vermont-630243_1280 DSC00779The above is a view from inside the covered bridge - in the summer time of course!

Covered-bridge-630242_1280Thank you so much for stopping by.  Do you prefer the wintry photos of Vermont or the ones taken in the summer?  I personally prefer most of the ones taken in the winter as I never get to see snow where I live.  Most of my friends in Vermont prefer the summer scenes which I understand completely!  Have a great week everyone!