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Sunset and Dinner Cruise on the Naple's Princess

Untitled (1 of 1)-199Above photo is of myself, my father and my daughter who was visiting from out of state.

One of my favorite parts of Florida is the Naples area which is in the southwest part of the state.  I have relatives  there including my father so I get to visit the area often.  There is a lot to do in this area including some beautiful beaches. 

One of my favorite things to do in the Naple's area is to go on one of the many sightseeing cruises that go along the coastline.  I have cruised on the Naple's Princess two times.  One time was in the afternoon and the weather got quite stormy, but I was able to get some cool looking photographs of some crazy looking storm clouds (see photo below). 

The second cruise we went on was a sunset dinner cruise,  The Princess yacht has a full dining room where they were serving a prime rib dinner.  It would have been nice to have dinner on the boat, but I'm a vegetarian so we opted to go on one of the other decks and just enjoy the sunset.  There was a bar and they sold appetizer type foods so you could eat even if you didn't purchase the dinner, 


Please click on the following link if you want more information about the many cruises available and their timetable:   Naples Princess Cruises

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  Here is a photo of the yacht we sailed on:

Untitled (1 of 1)-190My father and daughter on the yacht:
Untitled (1 of 1)-190
The Naples coastline is really beautiful and the architecture always amazes me.  Here are a few of the beautiful homes we saw as we cruised along the coast:

Untitled (1 of 1)-190


Wandering and searching Island Girl  (1 of 1)-7
Wandering and searching Island Girl  (1 of 1)-7
Wandering and searching Island Girl  (1 of 1)-7
Wandering and searching Island Girl  (1 of 1)-7
Here is a photo seen on the first cruise I took in Naples of a cloud that looks more dangerous than it really was.:

I will leave you with some photos of the gorgeous sunset we saw:

Untitled (1 of 1)-190

Wandering and searching Island Girl  (1 of 1)-7

Have you been on any short cruises anywhere?  Please feel free to leave any comments or questions.  I treasure all of the comments I receive and reply to them as quickly as I can.  I hope you all have a wonderful week