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Christmas in Burlington Vermont Featuring Church Street

Everyone thinks I'm crazy for wanting to visit Vermont in the wintertime.  It's true that I have friends and family that I want to see regardless of the time of the year.  The truth is I miss the seasons now that I have lived in Florida for eight years.  I especially love the decorations on Church Street in Burlington in the winter especially around Christmas time.                           

 It was not especially cold this year when I was there in mid December but it was cold enough coming from 90°F in Tampa, Florida  to 30°F in Vermont.  I just wanted to share a few the photos I took this year.  Church street is busy regardless of the time of year and quite frankly I was a little too chilly to use a tripod.

Church2I just love the Christmas tree on Church Street in Burlington!

This is another shot of Church Street heading away from the Christmas tree:

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The landscape in Vermont is not it's prettiest after the foliage is gone and the snow hasn't fallen yet.


The pub where we had dinner was very empty.  If the students were still in town, it would have been standing room only.
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Here is a family portrait and a photo of my mother's gorgeous Christmas tree:

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New video (1 of 1)-62
I will leave you with a photo of a covered bridge in Underhill, Vermont:

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you all enjoyed the holidays!  I wish you all a healthy, happy and successful 2016!