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Visiting Xcaret was definitely the highlight of my recent trip to Cancun, Mexico.  There are some things that I would do differently when I return.  I definitely plan to return as I love Cancun and Xcaret is such an amazing way to spend a day or two.  I really wish that I had Spent two days at this amazing attraction as I felt there was too much to see in one day!   I will be writing two posts about Xcaret because I have so much to share. 

Xcaret is a combination of a water park, lagoon. beach, nature, waterfalls, museum, zoo, and aquarium.  I visited this park about five years ago and I couldn't believe how much it had grown.  The price may sound high but what you get for your money is worth it in my opinion.  I do have some advice about buying tickets since I paid way more than I needed to if I had planned ahead and paid attention to the advice on the internet and friends who had visited recently. 

Here is the official web site for Xcaret.  Here are there admission prices.  This is where I messed up very badly.  I waited until I got to the park and paid $99 for figuring I would just get something inexpensive to eat instead of buying the Xcaret Plus package for $129 which includes a really nice buffet lunch, snorkeling gear, and the use of the locker which really comes in handy especially if it rains in you have a good camera with you.  I and adapt to buying the buffet lunch which was excellent for $29 and leaving a 20% tip if I had just bought my ticket online I would have saved about $20 and not paid more money for my locker and snorkeling gear. 

If I had had bought the Xcaret Plus Package on line it would have cost $116.10 instead of ~$140 at the park.  I didn't see any inexpensive places to eat and the $29 buffet is really good.  I also wouldn't have paid for my locker or snorkeling gear.

Again I really think that I would like to spend two days at this park.  If you are a very high energy person and get to places the minute it opens and stay until it closes you can probably see most of what you want to in one day.  If you are like me and like to take your time, take a lot of photos and not necessarily stay the entire time the park is open the two day package might be worth it.  In my opinion there is plenty to do over two days without feeling rushed.  There aren't a lot of places that I would recommend visiting two days in a row or even a second time but this is one of them. 

Here is a photo of the lagoon right outside the international buffet we had for lunch.  It was a great place to relax after eating all the great food and cool off in the water.  As always you can use my photos for free by going to my profile on Pixabay here


We were serenaded at lunch by this Mexican singers.  They were really good and fun to listen to. 


So in short I recommend buying your tickets online buying the pro package as you will definitely enjoy the buffet lunch and will probably want a locker and snorkeling gear.  The park is open 13 hours a day so it's a personal decision whether or not you want to spend one or two days there.  I know the admission price to this park is not inexpensive, but I definitely felt I got my moneys worth!

I will leave you with a photo of visitors snorkeling around the park.  I will share a lot more photos of what you can expect at Xcaret in my next post this week.



 Thank you so much for your visit.  As always I would love to hear your comments or questions.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!