Buenos Aires: My Last Stop on My Cruise to Antarctica

It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves - in finding themselves. 
Andre Gide

Buenos Aies, Argentina is a city that I can not wait to visit again!  This is where I disembarked from my South American/Antarctica cruise.  It was VERY hot while I was there at the end of January...around  100 degrees Fahrenheit!  It is a very large city with beautiful architecture that reminded me of Madrid, Spain (can't imagine why ;).  The food was delicious which is a high priority of mine while traveling or not!  

One of the main reasons I chose this 20 day cruise was to pinpoint some areas of South America that I would like to vacation at in the future for more than one day and Buenos Aires is at the top of that list!  There is so much to photograph there.  Wish I'd had more time, but here is what I have until I manage to visit again.

011Most of the street were lined with large beautiful trees
The last few photos were taken from a moving vehicle unfortunately.  I booked my hotel on Expedia while on the cruise ship near Antarctica.  I do NOT recommend doing this EVER!!!  Internet on cruise ships tends to be very slow and expensive as it was for me booking this hotel at 75 cents/minute.  My hotel was not in a great location and one must be careful while traveling in large unfamiliar cities so I didn't get out as much as I would have liked :(  I will be going back anyway!  

I will leave you with a bird I caught in a sunset photo that I'm quite proud of.  Thanks so much for visiting and take care!