Happy Mother's Day to ALL Mother's Around the World!

Elephant-baby-278523_1280I am writing this post in honor of all mothers and especially those that are often overlooked on Mother's Day each year.  If you have pets you are a mother they could not survive without you!  I also wanted to share the love shown by some of the animal mothers' for their babies that I've seen around the world. The top photo is of an elephant mother with her baby that I saw in Tanzania at the Serengeti National Park.

My husband and I have also taken in several stray pregnant cats.  We found homes for all of the babies and mothers including the seven orange ones in the second photo down.  We actually kept the mothers - Princess (the black cat) and Peaches (orange cat) for ourselves. 

More elephants in the Serengeti:

Elephants-277329_1280A pride of lions in the Serengeti:


Monkeys in Bali:
Elephant-baby-278523_1280Foster cats:

Sled dog I saw in Alaska with her four day old pups:
Elephant-baby-278523_1280I hope all of you have a wonderful day regardless whether you are a mother or not.  Thank you so much for stopping by.  Take care my friends!


Colorful Chilean Coastal Cities

Valparaiso:  This is where I boarded my cruise.  I had stayed in Santiago the night before.  I wish I'd stayed here.  This city seemed to have so much more character.519

Puerto Montt (a little farther south):  

Puerto Montt
Castro:  Even further south...working our way to Antarctica.  I loved the lush green landscape and the pretty houses on the hills.Casrto 007

The little white dots in the water are salmon farms

Casrto 054
Casrto 101
Thank you so much for visiting.  I know  that I don't have a lot of readers anymore, but this is kinda like my autobiography.  Take care everyone!