My Visit and Snorkeling Excursion in Cozumel Mexico


I decided on a short excursion during our last stop in Cozumel Mexico while on the the seven day Caribbean cruise I was on aboard the Norwegian Star.  I chose to do an easy shore side snorkel adventure because I am not an experienced snorkeler.  This excursion only cost $35 for an adults and $25 for children 13 and under.  It only lasted two hours which was fine because I wanted to explore Cozumel a little bit and buy some last minute souvenirs. 

I realize the truck that was "stranded" on the beach has nothing to do with snorkeling, but I thought it was quite picturesque and interesting.  I've shown it to people since I arrived home and I think it's their favorite photo of my cruise.  It is a 1932 Ford.  I have no idea if it still runs are not!

One of the main reasons I did not want a long excursion in Cozumel was because I was reading a book that I had borrowed from the ship's library and still had 250 pages left to read.  I included a picture of the book below as I thought it was excellent.  This was the first novel I have read by Nora Roberts that I enjoyed.

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Visiting the Gumbalimba Preserve and Animal Sanctuary in Beautiful Roatan Honduras

Untitled (1 of 1)-59Today I returned from a seven day cruise on Norwegian Cruise lines.  The ship I was on board is named the "Star".  Over the course of the seven days we stopped in four places.  Our first stop was on Roatan which is an island in the Caribbean about 40 miles off the coast of Honduras.  I decided to choose a shore excursion for each of the stops on this cruise.  I chose to visit Gumbalimba Park in Roatan at this port. 

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Costa Rica: Truly a Natural Beauty

"There are no foreign lands. It is the traveller only who is foreign."

~ Robert Louis Stevenson

I visited Costa Rica two times about five years ago,  It's definitely a place I would love to return to.  I dug up these old photos that I took with a very inexpensive point and shoot as I'm planning to take my husband there for his birthday this fall.  I fell in love with the nature and the untouched beauty of the country!


Cr33We stayed at the Los suenos Marriott on the west coast.  It was a two hour drive from the nearest airport on very mountainous and curvy roads.  It was an enjoyable trip given the lush, green, and gorgeous scenery we saw on the drive.

Cr5432We went on a jungle tour where the animals were everywhere!  We watched this sloth cross the road VERY slowly!

These pale-faced monkeys were everywhere.  It was so amusing watching them play in the trees.  They wanted food so most would walk right up to you,

Cr8This one wanted the banana I was holding very badly!  Of course I had to reward him for striking this pose for me :)

Cr2AND how does one ignore a face like this?

Cr4The jungle like most of the country was very undisturbed by humans.  I hope it remains that way.

We were brought to a lovely lagoon/swimming area after the hike through the jungle.  The water was a great temperature and was so refreshing!Furn (1 of 1)-5Crr

 The Los Suenos Marriott hotel is nearby a town named Jaco which is very popular for surfers.  The waves were much larger than they appear in my photo.  Hopefully I will capture more of the wave action during my next trip!

Furn (1 of 1)-2Here are a few images taken at the Los Suenos Marriott which was a beautiful resort that I would definitely recommend.  I loved watching and participating in the daily water aerobics shown in the last photo :)

Furn (1 of 1)-3

Furn (1 of 1)-4





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