Why I LOVE Stockholm


Florida  (1 of 1)-95The above photo was taken at Skansen which I will discuss in my next post because there is so much I want to say about this wonderful place!

Old Town also known as Gamla Stan is the original center of Stockholm.  Gamla Stan consists of buildings dating back to the thirteenth century. There are charming cobbled streets and alleys everywhere.  The houses are very colorful and there are several parks for concerts and general gatherings of all sorts.  I found it very difficult to believe this area was once considered the slum of Stockholm and now is a very highly sought after address.

Here are just five reasons I absolutely loved Stockholm - I could list far more!

* I did not see one - NOT one stray animal during 8 days in Stockholm

*Everyone I encountered was friendly and take pride in their work

*Stockholm is beautiful!  There is a mixture of old and newer style European architecture and it is so colorful.

*Stockholm is very clean and well kept.  The crime level is very low too.

*The air!  Stockholm is a city, but it smells so fresh and clean.  It's not easy for vehicles to pass inspection in Sweden.

One thing that surprised me about Sweden, and I think is a common misconception is that Sweden is a socialist country.  Sweden is not a socialist country.  They do provide subsidized day care so that women can afford to work.  Healthcare is also subsidized as it is in many other countries.  Students do not have to pay to go to college.    

 Yes, Sweden's taxes are slightly higher than ours. but not that much higher if you were in the top tax bracket in the United States.  When you consider what they get for their tax money, it might not seem like such a bad deal.  When you consider what a college education costs for one child in the United States, the amount they pay in taxes might not seem that high.

Here is Stockholm at night: Florida  (1 of 1)-88Here is a restauran where I had dinner:

Florida  (1 of 1)-88Here is one of the cobblestone alley ways that have such an old European feel:

Florida  (1 of 1)-88This is an open area near the center of town where concerts and other gatherings are held:Florida  (1 of 1)-17

Florida  (1 of 1)-88Florida  (1 of 1)-88

Florida  (1 of 1)-88Here is a photo of the interior of the Stockholm cathedral which is absolutey amazing and totally worth the ~ three dollars/person entry charge:

Florida  (1 of 1)-14 Here is a fountain with some lovely colorful buildings near the city center:

Florida  (1 of 1)-88Here are some colorful town houses in the more modern section of the city:

Florida  (1 of 1)-88 This is a very charming and upscale area of the city called Vaxholm which one has to take a ferry or a car to visit as one must cross bridges:

Florida  (1 of 1)-88Jen, my friend from high school, and I in Vaxholm:

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Florida  (1 of 1)-88Florida  (1 of 1)-90
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Florida  (1 of 1)-88

Florida  (1 of 1)-88Stockholm is not a really large city and there are many lovely walking trails that are not at all far from the city center.  Luckily the weather was absolutely perfect during the eight days I was there with highs around 70 during the day and 50 at night.  I consider those temperatures just right for lots of walking and or exploring.  Here are some random photos taken out in the country:
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Florida  (1 of 1)-88Florida  (1 of 1)-88
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