Why I'm Glad I Visited Bali and Why I Won't Return

I wanted to add something to this post because it is getting quite a bit of attention.  I don't want to make Bali sound like a bad place to visit.  I simply had a bad experience there.  I am a huge animal lover and have a special place in my heart for cats.  When you read this story you will see that on the last day I was there I tried to save a young very sweet, pregnant cat.  I was traumatized by the experience and that is why I wrote what I did.


I made two very big mistakes when I visited Bali.  I had very high expectations and I stayed too long.  For some ridiculous reason I envisioned Bali being similar to Thailand.  Why???  I'm not sure.  I guess because they are in the same continent - Asia.  I loved everything about Thailand and I was hoping that I would feel the same way about Indonesia. 

There are many pros to visiting the so-called island of paradise in  Indonesia.  There are many things to do, many beautiful sites to see, and the activities are not terribly expensive.  I got some really beautiful photographs while there.  The trouble is I don't care to look at them at this point.

Some of the cons are that Bali is a tiny overpopulated island and there is a lot of poverty.  There were many times that I felt as though I were being scammed.   It actually started when I got to the airport and I was asked if I wanted VIP access to getting my visa on arrival which meant jumping ahead of 10 people and saving five minutes.  That cost me about $20 USD.  I then was asked by one of the police officers if I was there because of "troubles at home" - that made me uncomfortable.  I guess the last straw was the ordeal that I went through with a young pregnant cat that I fed  during my final few days there. I did everything I could to help the cat including having a vet visit the hotel and fed her sugar water in my hotel room.  When I ended up needing to catch my flight, I really couldn't get anybody to help the cat.  I called a couple of days later and she had passed away. 

Here is the post with the story about the cat I tried to save :'(

“Knowing it and seeing it are two different things.” ― Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay

There are some nice beaches:

Bali000 Bali000 Bali000


At the Monkey Forest in Ubud, Indonesia:





Bali0123 Bali0123

  Bali000There are so many beautiful Temples in Bali:

Bali000Bali0123 Bali0123
Visiting the waterfall near Ubud was fun:


you can go to the rice terraced fields in Ubud:
Bali000You can go to the orchid gardens which are beautiful:





You can go dolphin watching in Lovina :
Bali000 Bali0123

it is relatively inexpensive to stay in a nice hotel.  This hotel is called "The Mansion" and is in Ubud:


 During my trip to Bali I stayed there for two weeks went on to Melbourne, Australia stayed there for one week and considered buying a one-way ticket back to the United States I tried to justify going back early and buying an extra plane ticket by telling myself I would save money on a hotel in Bali the visa on arrival in the exit tax which totals $50 I wish I had done it now because trying to save the cat was very traumatic to me as an animal lover if I were to give advice to someone who is planning a vacation in Bali I would tell them to stay with their tour group to make sure they don't go too far off the beaten path and beware of scammers.  

I do like this picture of two little girls that I bought some fans from.  They were selling them for money to go to school.  They were super sweet and grateful!


I will leave you with a hopefully "feel good" video about how to open a coconut:


Have you ever "outstayed" your welcome so to speak or been incredibly disillusioned by a vacation?   Thanks so much for visiting!  Until next time




“Knowing it and seeing it are two different things.” ― Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay

If there is one quote that I have found to be true while traveling around the world over the past several years to be true, this is it!  

“Knowing it and seeing it are two different things.”

~Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay

I have stayed in many 5 star resorts in countries with thriving economies and I have stayed in hostiles and guest houses in developing countries.  Much of what I have seen has been good and reinforced and or enhanced my knowledge of history as my trips to Paris.  I wanted to be an Anthropology major while in college, but my parents weren't thrilled with that idea so I majored in Biochemistry and graduated with a minor in Anthropology.

 I desperately wanted to see the world - and not just the beautiful touristy parts, but I really wanted to learn about the culture of the many countries I've visited and see what is "below the surface".  I'm very glad and know I'm very fortunate to have visited all seven continents and seen as much of the world as I have.  At this point, however, I still want to travel as much as possible, but will be staying in the first world during my immediate future travels.  The overpopulation and poverty I witnessed in Indonesia , Tanzania, and Vietnam have stymied my curiousity for the time being.

 How long will this last?  My lack of interest in seeing EVERYWHERE and not just the "pretty places" will probably not last long!  I have already been researching some very out of the way places that are NOT considered tourist destinations.  I guess my point is really very simple.  Traveling teaches you so much as well as opens your eyes!  

 I suspect this will not be one of my more popular posts given that these types of images are not popular on my Panoramio and Pixabay sites.

Visiting AIDS families in Tanzania:      

I used my small camera not my DSLR to take these photos.  The group I was traveling with had permission to take their photos.  I could have used my bigger camera, it was just a personal choice of mine to use my point and shoot...and to only take one quick photo.


  • Karatuuu
  • Karatu16
  • Karayu7
  • Karatu4
  • Karatu
  • Karatu9

 Trying to help a stray very young pregnant cat in Bali, Indonesia.  I called a vet paid $40 and fed it sugar water all day.  I left her that night with my night gown and AirAisa blanket because I was scheduled to return to the US that day :(


  • Catin9
  • Catin6
  • Catin
  • Catin5
  • Catin1

 Vietnam - looking out my hotel window


  • Viet555
  • Viet
  • Viet7777

 I'm sure it won't be long before I'm saying this again:

"I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can't see from the center."

 Kurt Vonnegut

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My Wild and Crazy Dolphin Sighting Trip in Bali

"The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it."
While in Bali, Indonesia in March 2013 I traveled from the southern part of the island to the northern section to a town named Lovina for a dolphin sighting tour.  I LOVE dolphins...so sounds great right?  Well, it was great and it was worth it AFTER I got up at 3:00 AM.  I'm NOT a morning person so that was literally painful for me!  I am also not the type of person who scares easily, BUT the 2 hour taxi ride in the dark through very curvy and hilly back roads had me sitting on the edge of my seat!  As you can see I did get to see dolphins - LOTS of them!  Getting photos of them was not easy though - even with a super fast shutter speed!  It was also dark and the boat you see in the photos is the one I rode in.  It was going very fast in the wavy water and was a very bumpy ride.  In the end it was worth it and I would do it again!  I also got to see an incredible sunrise which is highly unusual for me!  The photos on this post are some of my most popular on Panoramio.  Many web sites have displayed these photos which is fine and I actually am very flattered when my photos are shared as long as I'm given credit and they link back to me.  In case you want to view any of my other photos here is the link:





 "Humans think they are smarter than dolphins because we build cars and buildings and start wars etc…and all that dolphins do is swim in the water, eat fish and play around. Dolphins believe that they are smarter for exactly the same reasons."

Douglas Adams 


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