Maui's Rugged North Shore and My Wonderful Experience Traveling the Hana Highway

 *Another post from memory only using a point and shoot camera.  I truly loved northern Maui so I wanted to write about it.  I would love to go back and fly into Hana.  The photo of me below is at a fruit stand in the "photo booth" on my way to Hana via the famous or some may say infamous Hana Highway.

Maui6666_tonemappedI have been to Maui two times.  One time was for a whole month or close to it.  I was there for yoga training so I didn't have much time to see much on the island except the southern section in the Kihei area.  I have many friends who have visited Maui several times, and some that go every year. I am surprised at how many people only visit the south shore and never go to the state park.

I do understand why some people don't want to drive on the Hana Highway.  Although it is one of the most breathtaking rides I have ever been on, I can see the car rental companies don't want people driving on it.  There are many hairpin turns and you need to drive really slowly.  There are places where two cars can't fit through at once.   It is not a journey for the faint of heart or those who get carsick easily at all.  I highly recommend driving it ONLY in good weather and preferably during the daylight. 

If you do decide to drive the Hana Highway, I recommend allowing yourself plenty of time to see the beautiful sites safely.  I do have a friend who had to have a helicopter come pick her up because the road made her so sick.  I think that's rare, but if very curvy and hilly roads make you sick you might want to consider not driving all or most of the Hana Highway.

I would like to go back to Hana and fly into that airport so I can spend several days exploring that area.  I find the northern area of Maui very natural and untouched.  The flowers and trees grow so much bigger in this area.  I also enjoy the beaches which have larger waves.  There are less tourists and if you like nature than the northern part of Maui might be for you.  I do understand why some people want to go to the big-name hotels and lay on the beach.  Until I move to Florida, that's what I wanted to do when I needed a break from work.  It can also be less expensive to visit the northern shore of Maui.

My friend and I did the drive to Hana in about 4 hours.  It can be done in less, but I personally think you need at least 4 hours or longer.  I wish we'd had a little more time to experience Hana, but we need to get back to our cabin before dark.

Maui6666_tonemappedPracticing Yoga at one of the many scenic spots along Hana Highway:
Maui6666_tonemappedA storm approaching Paia Beach:
Maui6666_tonemappedMaui4A rugged rocky beach area on Maui:
Maui6666_tonemappedThe "photo booth" at the fruit stand:
Maui6666_tonemappedMy friend and I having fun at the fruit stands "photo booth" in Hana:

Maui6You will see many beautiful waterfalls long the highway.  I wanted to stop and take photos of many, but that is not always possible on this road.  The road is very narrow in some spots and there isn't always a place to pull over for these scenic views:

Maui4Here is a photo showing how curvy the "Hana Highway" is:

The following photos are of Haleakalā National Park.  This is not a hard area to get to and does not take long to get there in a car.  It is about 10,000 feet above sea level so it's quite chilly.  I did not bring anything warm to wear as we and just been at the beach so I just threw everything on that I had in the car - which might be obvious :)
Maui4I felt like I'd landed on Mars!

Maui4Here are some photos taken from the restaurant we stopped at coming back from the park.  The views were stunning.  I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but there are so many good one on your way to Haleakalā National Park.:


MauiiWe balanced our stay out with  few days at the Ritz Carlton on the west coast of Maui with a cute cottage in Haiku.  One of the benefits of staying in the northern section of Maui is the price of lodging.  Our cottage had wifi, a kitchen and was very comfortable.  We only paid about $80/night.  Many of the hotels in Southern Maui can be about ten times that amount.

The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua

Maui6-2Here is a photo of a view from our cottage window in northern Maui:

Maui4and with a storm coming...

Mauiiii4444Here is a photo of yous truly at Paia Beach.  I'm dressed inappropriately in a dress because we were supposed to be going out to dinner:
  Thank you so much for visiting.  Have you ever been to Northern Maui?  If so, I would love to hear about your experiences!  Take care and have a great week!